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December 22, 2012 / drpatrickmehlman

Patrick Mehlman: Rare Conservation

A dedicated conservationist, Patrick Mehlman currently serves as Senior Director of Program Development for Rare, a conservation organization founded in 1973. Rare seeks to provide research and solutions throughout the world to protect nature while allowing humans to engage in behaviors that meet their basic life needs. To do this, Rare researchers discover which activities and behaviors threaten biodiversity, and then research alternative behaviors that still meet human needs in a more conservation-oriented manner. After identifying these alternatives, the organization seeks to disseminate information via social marketing that encourages behavioral changes.

Rare works on a local level, providing education and support that fits within the context of cultural understandings. Known as Pride Campaigns, these activities foster local pride in community-specific habitats and offer alternative behaviors that protect the environment. Rare provides these campaigns in over 50 countries across the globe, focusing on location-specific issues such as sustainable fishing or wetland protection.

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